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 PCG Honor Code

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PostSubject: PCG Honor Code   Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:03 pm

PCG Honor Code


In the Pure Creed Gaming (here after called PCG) we adhere to the following:
- No matter what rank or skill we will be respectful.
- It does not matter if they are a higher rank, lower rank, or a fellow gamer
- Do not start trash talking with other clans or gamers; this will give us a bad image.
- PCG members will display a professional gaming demeanor at all times.
- Any match a PCG member participates in should observe the rules of Fair Play, Sportsmanship and Respect.
- As a PCG member, you not only represent yourself but PCG as a whole.


- Follow the chain of command:
- Go to the Captain or Lt of your squad with problems or questions.
- If they are unable to handle it they will go to their higher ups.
- The Council are accessible to all gamers, but if proper channels have not been tried, don't expect to like our decision.
- Bans and warnings can be appealed to the Section Leaders... NOT demotions or other Branch based dealings.


- PCG is a mature community, therefore there are age restrictions on membership:
- To join, you must be 15 years of age.
- Commanders can recommend under-aged applicants under the following conditions:
- They have been playing with members consistently for a week.
- They have been deemed a "mature gamer" by those who have played with them.
- The Commander knows that he is responsible for any trouble the recruit causes.
- Only Commanders can accept an applicant into the clan.
- New Recruits Must be read the recruting rules(Speech) if they say no or leave they must not want to be in the community.
- Do not go after them or just leave party or game do not keep on speaking.


- All members must always be in uniform NO EXEPTIONS! Unless Expressed By Commander
- All member can only be apart of PCG and no other community. This includes any GameBattles accounts that are not exclusive to PCG.
- PCG members CANNOT be apart of any other gaming communities/clans!
- Any and all gamer tags must be either in PCG communities or in none at all.
- PCG members will remain friendly and professional with ALL gaming communities at all times! ZERO TOLERANCE!
- If a PCG member leaves, they are allowed back only through a DB meeting Held by a Section General.
- In the event of a member wanting to come back, each situation will be looked at by the Divison Leader on a case-by-case basis.


- Honor Code violations consist of: trash talking, t-bagging, discrimination, racism, sexism, harassment, Selling illegal drugs, cheating, poaching, squad deranking, or any other aggressive behavior toward fellow online gamers.
- Cheating is defined as any manipulation of online play; this includes, but is not limited to modding, bridging, stand-bying, forcing host, action replay, glitching / super jumping in match making / ranked games to gain an unfair advantage, playing online custom / ranked games with Modders, and circle boosting.
- Every situation is different and will be handled appropriately on a case by case basis
- Members caught purposely cheating and/or participating in manipulated online play will be immediately banned. No exceptions!


- ALL PCG Members must be registered on http://www.PCGLive.TK/
- If you are not on the site, you are not part of the community.
- Post on the site, messages will be sent out online and activity is needed.


- All members must be at least a Sergeant to have PCG before their name.
- A PCG member takes pride in his or her membership and is encouraged to change their gamertag within 60 days.
- ALL PCG names must first be approved by a Section General.
- ALL Commanders And UP MUST have PCG in their gamertags with respective note (XO,XS,XD,XI).


- This code binds us together. Any member who is found in breach of this code will be issued a warning (reflected on the site).
- If you get three warnings in 30 days you will be removed from the community.


- REMEMBER: In the end, this is all just a game. Have fun and get to know your fellow gamers..
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PCG Honor Code
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