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 PCG Speech

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PostSubject: PCG Speech   Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:05 pm

The Speech


The Basic Rules


1. Follow Chain Of Command
2. Act mature
3. Stay in Uniform
4. no modding or cheating
5. Follow the Rules ... they are here to help you
6. Must be SQL to recruit

Golden Rule: Be respectful no matter what .... NO>>> (Rasism, sexism, or discrimination)

The Ranks


Description: The lowest of all ranks / A Basic Have fun Rank

Duties: Getting and remaining in uniform, according to the indications of the recruiter

Responsibilities: NONE: Have fun and chill

Reports to: Squad Leaders or any other higher rank

Requirements: Successfully added the Branch tag and registered on

Abbreviation: RCT

Symbol on Halo Reach: Champion Star with a display background.


Description: Full Member Status / Welcome to Service

Duties: Privates are to take guidance and training from Squad Leaders of the Branch. also Remaining in uniform

Responsibilities: Be a little more active but mostly have fun

Reports to: Squad Leaders or any other higher rank

Requirements: 3-5days of "Active" service

Abbreviation: PVT

Symbol on Halo Reach: Delta with a display background.


Description: Full Member Status / Training Rank For SQL

Duties: Corporals are to take guidance and training from Squad Leaders of the squad. Remaining in uniform

Responsibilities: Learn Rules and Ranks And Be A lot more active on Site

Reports to: Squad Leaders or any other higher rank

Requirements: Must be registered on Website, 7-14 Days of "Active" Service

Abbreviation: CPL

Symbol on Halo Reach: Delta (Toggled) with a display background.

Squad Leader

Description: First OFFICER Rank / Can Recruit

Duties: Uphold the Honor Code; stay active as a gamer and be registered on

Responsibilities: Know Speech by heart and has been able to recite the speech to the Lieutenant or Higher

Reports to: Commander or any other higher rank


1. Must be in for a minimum of 2 weeks
2. Must Know Rules and Ranks By Heart (Note: Must recite them to higher ups (Commander)
3. Must post on website

Abbreviation: SQL

Symbol on Halo Reach: Pheonix with a display background.

Rewards: Able to Change Gamertag to PCG ...............


Description: This position is given to those Sergeants who may become eligible for a promotion after 3 weeks of training and experience

Duties: Helping their Commanders with Branch activities and the Branch lists. A lieutenant should know and understand how to run background checks on the new members. They must being fully trained in recruiting techniques and know the Honor Code and Rank Structure. They are responsible for solving minor problems and recruiting new members.

Responsibilities: Learn And Earn Leadership

Reports to: Commander or any other higher rank


1. Must be in for at least 3 weeks
2. Must prove to the Commanders that He/She Deserves this Rank
3. Keep posting on site

Abbreviation: LT

Symbol on Halo Reach: Gold Number symbol (from 1 to 4) with the background of their Branch.


Description: This position is awarded to First Lieutenants who may become eligible for a promotion after 12 weeks of training and experience

Duties: They are to take insight and training from the "Leaders" to help supervise their Branch. Also they lead up all organization of all activities and approvals of new activities. Example of Supervision of Activities include but are not limited to:

Branch Activities:
1- Custom games - Supervising the officers to keep activities going and gaming with all ranks of Branch to build relations. When able sit in on games and see how well the officers are working with the members. Also making sure that good sportsmanship is practiced.

2-Recruiting Parties - Supervising of officers to encourage the growth of the Branch at all times. Working with recruiting parties to review if officer core is doing their job in teaching recruiting techniques to all lower ranks. Also making sure that they are practicing good sportsmanship.

3-Branch Practices - Supervision of officers to encourage the activities of the Branch by making sure practice are being done at set times and dates. Also checking to make sure these activities times and dates are posted on the forums by Lieutenants or Squad Leaders. Also sitting in on practices to see how well the Lieutenants or Squad Leaders are with the members of the Branch. Checking to see if their doing good with their training of being an officer. Also making sure that they are practicing good sportsmanship.

4-Branch Meetings - This is were all the importent issues are discussed by the Commanders and other leaders... anything that happens in the branch OR community at a whole will be disscussed here.

Encourages growth of the Branch at all times but careful of not spamming the members too much. Also training his/her Lieutenants in order to supervise the Branch if not present. Always assisting with his/her officers on background checks, uniform checks, how to work branch tag and training his officer court to handle all teams that is been built. He/she also does all promotions and Demotions from Lieutenant down as long as it is in agreement with their leaders on any officer promotion or demotion.(NO Public Disciplinary Action is condoned) This is to ensure that there is No quick judgment calls and the best decision will be made.

These promotions or demotions need to be reported up the ranks for future references if gamer wants to comes back and Make sure changes to the branch tags bio of leadership gets updated. They also organize uniform checks with the lieutenants, in which is keeping the branch tag up to date an you will know what members are not wanting to stay in uniform or has quit. In-activeness, if for some reason a gamer needs time off and he informs you, work with this gamer as long as it is a reasonable time frame. But if a gamer is inactive for 30 or more days he or she needs to be removed and a message sent to this gamer tag letting him or her know when their able to get back online you can reinstate them,

Commanders also keep the checks and balances up to date on his or her branch tag Bio. Also working to keep the PCG forums up to date by making sure all gamer tags are correct and ranks are correct for all officers and keeping the numbers the same as on the Branch tag. He/she is to stay active our Forums, Remember you're a role model for all leadership in your Branch and give the Best Gaming Experience Possible.

Reports to: TO THE LEADERS...


1. Must Be in for at least 12 weeks
2. Must pass Commander Rounds
3. Must Change Name to a (PCG __________ CO) Name --- Note: we will supply you with MS Points for it
4. Post on site

Abbreviation: CMDR

Symbol on Halo Reach: Valkyrie Symbol Toggled with a display background.


1. you have control of your Branch
2. Request (or if forming Branch) choose a Name for it

## Note Just remeber in the end this is just a game so have fun !!! ##
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PCG Speech
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